[Milton-L] Re: Milton and Baseball[Fwd: [lbo-talk] [On Year 2007] Israel recalls 'naked ambassador' found on street inbondage]

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Mar 14 13:38:53 EDT 2007

I thought the following summary of 2007 events somehow 'rhymed' with the
current thread on Milton and Baseball.


Jim Straub wrote:
> Wow!  Drunk naked Israeli ambassador found in the street in bondage
> gear, diaper-clad Astronaut driving cross-country bent on committing
> heinous acts for love, UFO sightings in multiple states, Anna Nicole
> Smith dies and half a dozen Cato Caelin's fight over the corpse in
> court, city of Boston comprehensively shut down by Aqua Teen
> Mooninites... so far 2007 is kicking 2006's ASS in terms of wierd
> news!  I mean, Cheyney shooting his friend was pretty good but other
> than that 06 was all grim reality in news land.
> Even the previous item about the rogue disgruntled unknown possible
> spook running CNN ads about dividing Pakistan has about it the charm
> of a world system experiencing some very eccentric hiccups.  Not quite
> the full-on nervous breakdown I hear the mid seventies were, but, I'm
> glad my own historical epoch is finally stepping up its game a little
> in the nuttyness department, if failing miserably in every other
> respect...
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