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Rich Durocher durocher at stolaf.edu
Tue Mar 13 09:29:21 EDT 2007

gilliaca at jmu.edu wrote:
> Yesterday's Washington Post carried a column by Thomas 
> Boswelll on the upcoming baseball season and the behavior of 
> Barry Bonds. In speculating about the vagaries of Bonds' 
> behavior and moods, Boswell quotes PL: 
> "If Bonds' current defiant stance seems to have more depth 
> than his whiney demeanor last spring, then there's probably a 
> simple reason.  Bonds is echoing one of our oldest and most 
> emotinally complex archetypes - the fallen angel, the proud, 
> ambitious transgressor who is hurled from heaven.
> "Who knew a left fielder could stumble into such classic 
> material?
> " 'Better to reign on hell than serve in heaven,' Milton's 
> Satan decided in "Paradise Lost." 'To be weak is 
> miserable  ... My sentence is for open war, which, if not 
> victory, is yet revenge.'
> "Many have agreed with the poet William Blake that Milton 
> drew such a sympathetic portrait of Satan that he was "of the 
> devil's party without knowing it." There may be a similarly 
> perverse temtation in our antihero culture to shrug and give 
> Bonds a free pass into baseball history ..."
> And so it goes. My 'subscrition' to the Post is hopelessly 
> messed up, so I can't supply a link to the whole column.
> Some of my friends think I read the WPost because I am a 
> liberal - no - it's 3 pages of daily comics and great sports 
> writing!
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> "You have made God in your own image when God hates the same people you hate." Fr. John Weston
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Dear Cynthia and other baseball fans,

    As some wag observed, Milton pitched for Paradise
but Paradise lost.

    Rich DuRocher

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