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Tue Mar 13 07:44:23 EDT 2007

Yesterday's Washington Post carried a column by Thomas 
Boswelll on the upcoming baseball season and the behavior of 
Barry Bonds. In speculating about the vagaries of Bonds' 
behavior and moods, Boswell quotes PL: 

"If Bonds' current defiant stance seems to have more depth 
than his whiney demeanor last spring, then there's probably a 
simple reason.  Bonds is echoing one of our oldest and most 
emotinally complex archetypes - the fallen angel, the proud, 
ambitious transgressor who is hurled from heaven.

"Who knew a left fielder could stumble into such classic 

" 'Better to reign on hell than serve in heaven,' Milton's 
Satan decided in "Paradise Lost." 'To be weak is 
miserable  ... My sentence is for open war, which, if not 
victory, is yet revenge.'

"Many have agreed with the poet William Blake that Milton 
drew such a sympathetic portrait of Satan that he was "of the 
devil's party without knowing it." There may be a similarly 
perverse temtation in our antihero culture to shrug and give 
Bonds a free pass into baseball history ..."

And so it goes. My 'subscrition' to the Post is hopelessly 
messed up, so I can't supply a link to the whole column.

Some of my friends think I read the WPost because I am a 
liberal - no - it's 3 pages of daily comics and great sports 

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