[Milton-L] Comus recordings?

Roy Flannagan Roy at gwm.sc.edu
Tue Mar 6 16:42:23 EST 2007

The introduction and notes to the masque in the Riverside Milton should
have references to just about everything you need, including facsimiles
of the music manuscripts and the recordings we have.


Roy Flannagan

>>> michaeldobiel2003 at yahoo.com 03/06/07 3:33 PM >>>
Hello all, 
  Not long ago I inquired about musical uses of Milton's work and
received many helpful responses.  The information I received has given
much direction to my search.  Now I have a more specific question.  Are
there any recordings of the original music to Comus, written by Henry
Lawes?  For that matter, does the music survive today in a score?  Has
that score been published more recently? I am hoping to use Comus for a
project in my Medieval/Renaissance music seminar.  If anyone could
provide information regarding these questions I would appreciate it

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