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Mon Mar 5 13:00:44 EST 2007

Being a graduate student myself, I can't offer mentorship, but I thought I'd 
recommend a few texts on the topic you're interested in:

David Aers and Bob Hodge, "'Rational Burning': Milton on Sex and Marriage," 
_Milton Studies_ 13;
James Grantham Turner, _One Flesh: Paradisal Marriage and Sexual Relations 
in the Age of Milton_;
Mary Nyquist, "The Genesis of Gendered Subjectivity in _Paradise Lost_," in 
_Re-membering Milton: Essays on the Texts and Traditions (also in _Paradise 
Lost: Contemporary Critical Essays_");
Thomas Luxon, _Single Imperfection: Milton, Marriage and Friendship_.

Best of luck finding assistance; but maybe one lesson to be learned from 
Milton's own post-collegiate education is that it's not so bad reading on 
your own (especially if you can find someone else to pay for room & board, 
and if you can get some good lighting).

Eric Song

On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 12:27:47 +0800
  grace <lmcgrace at singnet.com.sg> wrote:
>  I first came across John Milton's PL when i was doing my MA coursework 
>where one professor "taught" Milton in one lecture.  But that inspired me 
>and led me to read on my own PL and some of his prose works.  i was 
>particularly enamored by Milton's discourse on "marriage and true worship" 
>in the DDD and Tetrachordon as i found many reverberations in his last 3 
>major poetical works.  I set off to do a research paper on John Milton: 
>Marriage and True worship.  While i was deeply thrilled by a glimpse of the 
>tremendous possibilities of pursuing along this line as a central Miltonic 
>(Christian) thought, i felt intimidated by the vast and diverse Miltonic 
>critical readings available and wished that i could study under a true 
>mentor - as indeed there are so much wonderful scholastic works out there 
>and i long to go under the wing of one of these Miltonic experts -seeking 
>for good support and perhaps a dialogue eventually on such pertinent issues 
>broached by MIlton that are so relevant today.   I was struck by one called 
>John Shawcross and was pleasantly surprised that he is in the list!  Would 
>anyone be willing to take on a student like me?  I am still thinking and 
>daring to work on the links between marriage and true worship - propounded 
>so stridently in Milton's prose and expanded in a continuum of thought in 
>his final poems.  It would be something to hear from the experts directly. 
> i need some help and guidance as a student of Miltonic studies.
>  Mrs Grace Lee
>  Singapore

Eric B. Song
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University of Virginia
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