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  I first came across John Milton's PL when i was doing my MA coursework where one professor "taught" Milton in one lecture.  But that inspired me and led me to read on my own PL and some of his prose works.  i was particularly enamored by Milton's discourse on "marriage and true worship" in the DDD and Tetrachordon as i found many reverberations in his last 3 major poetical works.  I set off to do a research paper on John Milton: Marriage and True worship.  While i was deeply thrilled by a glimpse of the tremendous possibilities of pursuing along this line as a central Miltonic (Christian) thought, i felt intimidated by the vast and diverse Miltonic critical readings available and wished that i could study under a true mentor - as indeed there are so much wonderful scholastic works out there and i long to go under the wing of one of these Miltonic experts -seeking for good support and perhaps a dialogue eventually on such pertinent issues broached by MIlton that are so relevant today.   I was struck by one called John Shawcross and was pleasantly surprised that he is in the list!  Would anyone be willing to take on a student like me?  I am still thinking and daring to work on the links between marriage and true worship - propounded so stridently in Milton's prose and expanded in a continuum of thought in his final poems.  It would be something to hear from the experts directly.  i need some help and guidance as a student of Miltonic studies.

  Mrs Grace Lee
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