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Kathleen Vejvoda has argued that nineteenth-century women tended to  
find in Milton a source of pride and strength.  The essay in which  
she makes this claim is devoted to the Masque, not PL.  Still, you  
might find it useful: "The Fruit of Charity: Comus and Christina  
Rossetti's Goblin Market." It appeared in Victorian Poetry, vol 38.

On Mar 1, 2007, at 6:32 PM, Jamie Morton wrote:

> Well I suppose it's about time to reach out to the Listserv for  
> help and guidance.  I've been working diligently (haha) on my  
> senior thesis, and I've been a bit closeted in my own brain.  I'm  
> trying to connect the concepts of Milton's Eve, which I read as an  
> enabling figure for women, Sandra M. Gilbert's reading of Eve as   
> "monster that Milton hints she is," and Woolf's cursory remarks on  
> Milton and his "bogey" in A Room of One's Own.
> My current hypothesis is that Milton wrote Eve as an enabling  
> figure (although I would appreciate discussion on this point, as  
> I'm not sure whether this is what Milton intended), and that PL was  
> therefore an enabling text for women for many years.  At some  
> point, then, the dominant reading of Eve and of PL in general must  
> have shifted to, as Woolf says, "shut out the view."
> So I'm first trying to find 16th- and 17th-century texts that  
> support my theory that Milton's early female readers found Eve  
> enabling.  I'm not sure where to go from there, but I think that  
> Frankenstein might be instrumental in demonstrating a turning point  
> in the dominant reading of PL, and particularly of Eve.
> Comments, critique, and discussion highly appreciated!  Thanks a  
> million, listserv.
> -J
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