[Milton-L] Teaching with Lewalski's _Life_

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Mon Jun 25 09:26:37 EDT 2007

. I'm a bit nervous, though, that what I find eloquent and 
>readable accounts of Milton's life and political milieu will strike my 
>students as discouragingly confusing and arcane.

I've not used that, but last time I taught the undergraduate course I had students buy quite a good history of early England that includes Milton's times. I don't have the title handy. It was written for American undergraduates, and had quite a lot of introductory material about geography, climate, etc, and I thoufht, quite a lucid explanation of the poitical and religious aspects of Milton's times. 

ALAS. The book assumed a vocabulary and a store of general knowledge that was beyond many of the students, who were by no means dumb, but whose brushes with history and Christianity have been slight and random. So  spent more time answerig questions than I had expected, as well as more time supplying background information than I had planned non.

So I suspect you might have a similar expereince - but let us know, please!

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