[Milton-L] Question about Richardson's Explanatory Remarks on Milton's Paradise Lost

Lara Dodds LDodds at english.msstate.edu
Sat Jun 23 14:43:57 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues,

What are the sources that Richardson (and son) used to compile the
commentary on Paradise Lost?  I have been looking at the annotations and
comments on the lines of the poem and note that several entries are
printed in quotation marks without any obvious attribution.  The passage
I am particularly interested in is the discussion of 8.618 on page 381,
which reads 

“Imagine the Blush of the most Beautyful Virgin, and then This of the
Angel. What Compare! If at least we could Teach our Imagination to make
Such a Picture”

However, the use of quotation marks to mark certain passages seems to
occur throughout the commentary. I notice that within the Life and Essay
at the beginning of the book, quotations are usually attributed within
the text.

I'd appreciate any leads that anyone has on this. 

Lara Dodds

Dr. Lara A Dodds
English Department
Mississippi State University

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