[Milton-L] Lost Lines

Mario DiCesare dicesare1 at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 13 14:44:31 EDT 2007

Dear Nancy,

The lines are indeed from William Meredith. Here's the link:


Thanks for calling attention to him; I've spent a good hour rereading 
some of his poems and finding some I hadn't known.



Nancy Charlton wrote:
> Hello,
> Not really Milton-related, but I hope that you all might be able to help 
> me with this before it drives me up the wall.
> I can't find a certain poem anywhere handy, and I know it is well known 
> to literati. It surfaced in my memory when news broke of the death of 
> William Meredith, and I think he is the author. I think the title refers 
> to Ginsberg's "Howl" and certainly is referenced in the line that sticks 
> in my memory:
>         . . . when I think of the cry
>         the brave priest Hopkins raised
>         the night he raided the sky
>         and English verse was praised. ...
> And the poems chastises poets "not [something] enough to rhyme,/ not 
> fond enough to scan".
> Thanks to all who are more amply anthologized for helping me retain sanity.
> Nancy Charlton
> P.S. Speaking of Meredith, here is the best memoir of him that I have 
> yet seen:
>   http://www.theday.com/re.aspx?re=11a7f021-d70f-4241-b725-6e59db781a70
> or
> * http://tinyurl.com/3xvpl2*

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