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Not really Milton-related, but I hope that you all might be able to 
help me with this before it drives me up the wall.

I can't find a certain poem anywhere handy, and I know it is well 
known to literati. It surfaced in my memory when news broke of the 
death of William Meredith, and I think he is the author. I think the 
title refers to Ginsberg's "Howl" and certainly is referenced in the 
line that sticks in my memory:

         . . . when I think of the cry
         the brave priest Hopkins raised
         the night he raided the sky
         and English verse was praised. ...

And the poems chastises poets "not [something] enough to rhyme,/ not 
fond enough to scan".

Thanks to all who are more amply anthologized for helping me retain sanity.

Nancy Charlton

P.S. Speaking of Meredith, here is the best memoir of him that I have yet seen:



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