[Milton-L] Missing lines in Flannagan edition

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Somehow I feel the need to explain that my father, who was a
well-respected journalist with the Richmond News Leader and Times
Dispatch, Civil War historian, and novelist, was asked by the American
Tobacco Company that manufactured Lucky Strikes to expand a series of
articles about the history of tobacco written for the News Leader into a
general history to be distributed at the 1939 World's Fair.  I would
sadly report that my father was a lifetime smoker (I quit at about 20)
and that he died from Hodgkins disease, quite possibly abetted by the
smoking habit, in 1951.  My sister died of lung cancer, and my first
girlfriend is now dying of it.  Those of you who are still smoking,
please stop, and those of you who teach, please discourage your students

I should warn those Googling my name that my son, who teaches English,
film, and drama at the Governor's School for Science and Mathematics in
Hartsville, SC, will also come up under Roy C. Flannagan.  Please read
some of his movie reviews written for the Florence newspapers: they are
excellent!  Oh, and my grandfather, Roy K. Flannagan, was a physician
and public health official in Richmond, so he is apt to come up as

No, I don't remember any evidence of Milton smoking, but someone else
might supply news of recreational use.  One website I consulted said M
was reported to be a user but gave no evidence, and the concordance to
M's prose gives no citation to tobacco, cigar, or even to pipe in the
sense of smoking instrument.

Roy F

>>> bcarlb at comcast.net 02/20/07 11:12 AM >>>
Missing lines in Flannagan editionThe lines are not missing from my
1998 'Riverside' Flannagan.

When checking to see if Prof. Flannagan has other editions of Milton
complete, I found that Roy C. Flannagan has an interest I hadn't known
about (not that I should have any reason to know): 
The Story of Lucky Strike Cigarettes 1939 World's Fair Edition .

Reminds of the quip "if Homer didn't write the Iliad it was someone
else with the same name."


Not that it's pertinent, but did M. smoke? 

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  It came to my attention in the middle of class that these lines are
still missing from newly purchased copies of Flannagan's complete
Milton.  Your students may not notice--apparently the elision reads
smoothly enough to seem natural--so you might want to alert them.

  In Book 8, lines 530ff should read:

       here passion first I felt,
  Commotion strange, in all enjoyments else
  Superiour and unmov'd, here onely weake
  Against the charm of Beauties powerful glance.
  Or Nature failed in mee, and left some part
  Not proof enough such Object to sustain,
  Or from my side subducting, took perhaps
  More then enough; at least on her bestow'd
  Too much of Ornament, in outward shew
  Elaborate, of inward less exact.

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