[Milton-L] queer milton?

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I'm late to this discussion but a pertinent question might be, where and why
heterosexuality? Before God used it hermaphroditically to beget the Son,thereby
linking it to sexual reproduction, was it not just a queer and funky option
of the polymorphic angelic repertoire?  (So despite his celebrity that grand
queen Raphael might want to
couple with both Adam and Eve but is on duty).  How was it that this option,
one perhaps as undeserving as the serpent species Satan chose, became the
vehicle for the representation of sin's multiplication, as a sort of narrowing
of that
wonderful polymorphism, and then the method of reproduction used on Earth as
well?  Another of
God's droll jokes? Or because, through foreknowledge of the Son's sacrifice,
that form was already ineluctably linked to death? Male and female--it's a
mystery to me.
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  Quoting Boyd M Berry/FS/VCU <bberry at vcu.edu>:

> Peter Herman convinces me that in book 8 Adam is more interested in/attracted
> to the intellectual conversation with Raph than with Eve.  Actually, I was
> headed pretty much there. When I have written about PL and Lucy Hutchinson's
> Order and Disorder, I have made the point that PL focuses on or exhibits male
> error while OaD highlights female disorders. Boyd Berru
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> Linda Gregerson touches on this in The Reformation of the
> Subject--that Raphael and Adam's relationship is closer to the
> Protestant ideal companionate marriage than the one between Adam and
> Eve.  Don't have the citation at hand--apologies.
> Jocelyn Emerson
> >I don't have any citations at hand, but in addition to the passages
> >already cited, I would also look at the description of angelic love
> >at the end of book 8. pch
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> >At 08:20 AM 2/15/2007, you wrote:
> >>One of my students last semester wrote a very interesting seminar
> >>paper about /Paradise Lost/ and homosocial bonding, quoting a
> >>comment on Milton in Eve Sedgwick's /Between Men/.
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> >>Sara van den Berg
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> >>>On Feb 15, 2007, at 2:39 AM, Danielle Clarke wrote:
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> >>>>  I have a seminar
> >>>>student interested in queer readings of Milton - the seminar is on
> >>>>Paradise Lost and most of the material I'm aware of is on Comus. A basic
> >>>>preliminary search hasn't turned up very much - am I missing something,
> >>>>or is he on to something?
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