[Milton-L] queer milton?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Feb 17 10:42:15 EST 2007

rose williams wrote:
> Thanks, Alan. However, since the title of this thread is "queer milton,"  I
> suspect others also thought homosociality was being equated with
> homosexuality.

Homosexuality is an _identity_, an identity that came into existence
during the 19th century and was not named until late in that century.
Before that engaging in same-sex acts did not constitute an identity.
And of course, before the invention of the homosexual identity there was
no heterosexual identity either.

As an analogy, consider the consumption of oatmeal cookies. There are
people who eat oatmeal cookies frequently. There are people who never
eat them. There are people who eat them once in a while. But it would be
utterly ridiculous to speak of "oatmeal-cookie eater" identity, or a
"non-oatmeal-cookie eater" as an identity. Similarly, in (say) 1660, it
would have been silly to talk of homosexuals or heterossexuals (also
impossible, since the words didn't exist).


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