[Milton-L] apostasy and apology

Carol Barton cbartonphd1 at verizon.net
Sun Dec 30 21:41:45 EST 2007

There was no "tone," Paul. I didn't notice your empticon--and am not sure 
I'd have understood its purpose if I had. I am older than you are--and I was 
just trying to get you to look at the scholarship, because (as I thought I 
had tried to convey) there is no easy answer to your question. I had no idea 
whether you were a student novice asking idly, or someone who really wanted 
to know.

If I were you, I'd start with the _Milton Encyclopedia_ . . . this is what 
is known as a "vexed question," one on which you need to form your own 
opinion, after a survey of what others who have spent their lives 
researching it have thought.

I'm sorry if that's not an easy answer, and sorry that you seem to be 
offended by my response, which was intended to be helpful.

Carol Barton

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> Thankyou for your comment Carol but I said he seemed like an Arian 
> followed by the emoticon :) at the end.. Your comment seems to have missed 
> the spirit of my post and I'm not real sure of the motivation or spirit of 
> yours. I am not a student and I am fifty years of age so rest assured I 
> will match your tone if need be.
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