[Milton-L] apostasy and apology

Carol Barton cbartonphd1 at verizon.net
Sun Dec 30 20:03:38 EST 2007

Milton is not an Arian, Paul. Arius was not an Arian, either.

He was a subordinationist (in that he did not believe the Son to be 
co-ominiscient with the Father) but you really need to read the DDC and all 
of the related scholarship to form an opinion based on fact, rather that 
rumor and innuendo.

The question, even asked idly, is much too complicated to be answered by a 
post on this List.

Milton rightly resented and resisted labels--and we have been through this 
many times before. I'd also suggest that you visit the Milton-L archives on 
the subject, if you seriously want to know.

All good wishes for the New Year,

Carol Barton 

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