[Milton-L] Apostasy - an unusual PL adaptation

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Larisa Kocic-Zambo wrote:
  "[M]y original question under the subject 'Apostasy - an unusual PL adaptation' was
 about a film by Andrew Bellware . . . . [S]eeing that there were so many posts with
 the same subject header, my natural expectation was to see a response to my
question. Instead, I how found the group plunged deep into a semi
theological debate. I must say, I am disappointed."
  Welcome to the Milton List. As true Miltonians, we always find original ways of not responding to simple queries. Be not dismayed! Join the fray!
    Larisa Kocic-Zambo (innocently inquiring): "Has anyone seen the film Apostasy, by Andrew Bellware?"
  HJH (a typical Milton-Lister listing from too much Christmas cheer): "Apostasy? Is Bellware implying that Milton was an apostate? From Milton's perspective, everybody else was the apostate! Who is this Bellware, anyway?"
  One must simply read between the lines of the unpleasant Dr. HJH, who has implicitly admitted never having seen the film.
  This is part of what makes the Milton List a constant source of the unexpected. Milton would attribute this to the free will of our fallen natures. (There, that ought to ignite a new discussion.)
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