[Milton-L] Apostasy - an unusual PL adaptation

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Mike, even Thomas was allowed to doubt. As with political identities, I 
think there are many definitions of "Christian"--and one need not 
unilaterally and blindly accept all of the doctrines of theology to qualify 
as a "Christian." By the same token, there are many "Christians" who 
ostensibly accept all of the doctrines, and are no more "Christian" in their 
hearts than the nearest heathen.

What is "each and every line item in the Christian creed"? Seems to me 
that's the 39 Articles, in the CofE/Anglican/Episcopalian church, but that 
church alone does not get to define "Christian." Milton disagreed with some 
of the nominal tenets of the "Christian religion" (whatever that is, other 
than theology based on the teachings of Christ); does that make him a 

In the interest of peace for the New Year, even here, and respect and 
acceptance for one's brethren of "upright heart and pure"--even when their 
viewpoints differ from your own,

Carol Barton

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>> Well dang! I would never write something like "Bishop" Fulton J. Sheen or 
>> "Pope" Benedict.
>> Sheen was a bishop in your church, just as Benedict is Pope in it.
> You are correct.  I apologise.  What I was specifically responding to was 
> the comment that the state of New Jersey is not known for its atheists. 
> By strict definition, since Bp Spong has publicly repudiated each and 
> every line item in the Christian creed, he has more or less placed himself 
> in the category of non-Christian.  Reject Christian doctrine, and you no 
> longer can call yourself Christian.  Hence, my "quotes".
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