[Milton-L]: Happy Holidays!

Horace Jeffery Hodges jefferyhodges at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 20:52:23 EST 2007

Dear Milton List,
  I wanted to send one of those holiday greetings that I send annually, but when I renewed my subscription at the Art Card site, I discovered that the agreement prevents me from sending cards to an entire list . . . so no card this year.
  Do not, however, despair at this sad news, for I have a holiday greeting at my blog. Last year, as some may recall, my wife requested that I pen for her a Christmas poem in lieu of a material gift, and she so much liked the poem that she requested another poem this Christmas.
  I managed a 'rhyme' if not quite a poem:
  It pretends to be another sonnet, but I'll leave the judgement of that to posterity . . . and to my most favorite of academic lists: The Milton List.
  Anyway, Milton Listers, don't list too much from the effects of your toasts this holiday season, but enjoy to the fullest your holiday, whichever holiday it may be...
  Jeffery Hodges

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