[Milton-L] Milton 400th Anniversary celebrations

Nancy Charlton pluscachange at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 14:06:56 EST 2007

The conference at the London University next July sounds like much 
more than the usual academic meeting. There is a conflict in the 
schedule as posted here via attachment, one which creates a hard 
choice indeed: "Samson Agonistes" and the trip to Chalfont St Giles 
at the same time. Could they be re-set so one might attend both? Or 
somehow work in repeats at different times?

The Cambridge exhibit "Living at this Hour" closes, I see, on July 
12. The London conference ends on July 11. Perhaps Warren Chernaik or 
someone else involved with the conference could put together a 
busload or two to go to this event either late that day or the next. 
It would be possible perhaps to see the Old Library exhibit that runs 
all year. This would make it possible to spend some time in 
Cambridge, return for the unveiling of the plaque at Bread Street on 
the 14th, and home in time for tea. Or an afternoon at the paradise 
(multi-tiered walled garden) that Anne Torday Gulden writes about. 
Actually, the first thing that crossed my mind when I read of the 
300-year old apple garden was, could I get some cuttings? I'm so 
tired of plastic apples and the markets' way of dumbing them down to 
about 6 varieties.

Gavin Anderson's post states that the PL performance will be 
available by "live relay." Will this be available in the States? And 
the concerts on December 6 and 7, could you get the BBC to pick them 
up on TV and/or radio? Maybe PBS or even schlocky BBC-America would 
rebroadcast them, and surely they'd be available online. (I continued 
this, but it really should be in a separate post, which I am doing.)

Milton will be getting lots of attention over this next year. The 
abundance of 400th anniversaries started here in the USA with almost 
no note of the passing of Elizabeth I. Nothing at all of Guy Fawkes 
(we were still pretty well focused on our own version of that, 9-11). 
The Jamestown anniversary has been commemorated all this year, and 
this has turned the public's attention to the 17th century. Briefly at least.

Like Kemmer Anderson, I wish for many cheap flights to England this year.

Nancy Charlton
Portland OR USA 
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