[Milton-L] Fenton House

Ann Torday Gulden AnnTorday.Gulden at hf.hio.no
Sun Dec 16 14:21:11 EST 2007

There is a National Trust Property in Hampstead Village which has a  
300 year old apple garden with many varieties of apples, espaliered,  
trees, the lot in a quiet multi -tiered walled garden. The house  
itself holds a fine collection of antique musical instruments. I have  
a vision of the Milton Symposium  9 having a sunny evening there, with  
drinks in the garden after a tour through the House listening to music  
students playing the instruments.

This is probably a thought for today because I am sitting in snowy  
Oslo in minus 7 degrees, homesick and dreaming of such things. It may  
be reassuring to know that there is snow here notwithstanding the fact  
that Al Gore was here last week picking up his Peace Prize. Still  
summer evenings in Hampstead are fine and the 17th C Holly Bush Pub is  
right round the corner from Fenton House. Also a very good place.

Anyway, I wonder if this would be a good thing to arrange.  
Sentimentally yours, Ann Torday Gulden

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