[Milton-L] Happy Birthday John Milton ...

Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Mon Dec 10 11:37:30 EST 2007

Milton's Birthday: Second Sunday in Advent

Milton, Poet of Lost Paradise, where
is our acolyte?  On this second day
of Advent that calls us to repent, pray,
and remember the words that filled the air
when John the Baptist winnowed out the way
with that same prophet call that you were heir
to in your fiery tracts against the King
and bishops.  The irony of this Rite,
I, the Anglican crucifer, now bring
the cross in triumph through the church and light
this second candle.  My tongue yearns to sing
out, "Happy Birthday," and teach the insight
your blind eyes received through poems that ring
our ears with the sound of celestial might.

                         Kemmer Anderson

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