[Milton-L] Book on fall of Satan?

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Dear Zack,
Last summer I had the pleasure of reviewing William Poole's Milton and the Idea of the Fall in Renaissance Quarterly.  I think it might provide useful to you in preparing for the class, and there are parts of it that might prove useful for your undergraduates to read, as well.
Good luck!
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In addition to the works already cited, you might find it useful to look at J.M. Evans, Paradise Lost and the Genesis Tradition.

John Ulreich

At 09:59 AM 12/6/2007, you wrote:

	Hello, all,
	I'm teaching an undergraduate course on Paradise Lost in the Spring
	(for the first time ever, actually; quite excited) and I would like to
	do an introductory lecture on the story of the fall of Satan and his
	angels in religious history as background to Milton's poem.  I was
	wondering if anyone could recommend a good book that traces how this
	story grew out of early apocryphal and exegetical writings of the
	church fathers. Having taught parts of PL in survey courses in the
	past, I know one thing that students are always surprised by is how
	fragmentary the Biblical evidence is for the story of Satan's
	rebellion and fall; it makes the Genesis account of the fall of Man
	(which is enigmatic and elliptical enough on its own) look like a
	well-developed narrative.
	The early chapters of Revard's _The War of Heaven_ have been wonderful
	for pointing me to particular passages in primary documents in early
	church history; but I can't help thinking that must be a great book
	out there that would give me the big story.  Any suggestions would be
	warmly appreciated.
	Zack Long
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