[Milton-L] Book about Fall of Satan?

Zackariah C Long zcl3n at cms.mail.virginia.edu
Thu Dec 6 16:31:11 EST 2007

Hello, all,

I'm teaching an undergraduate course on Paradise Lost in the Spring
(for the first time ever, actually; quite excited) and I would like to
do an introductory lecture on the story of the fall of Satan and his
angels in religious history as background to Milton's poem.  I was
wondering if anyone could recommend a good book that traces how this
story grew out of early apocryphal and exegetical writings of the
church fathers. Having taught parts of PL in survey courses in the
past, I know one thing that students are always surprised by is how
fragmentary the Biblical evidence is for the story of Satan's
rebellion and fall; it makes the Genesis account of the fall of Man
(which is enigmatic and elliptical enough on its own) look like a
well-developed narrative.

The early chapters of Revard's _The War of Heaven_ have been wonderful
for pointing me to particular passages in primary documents in early
church history; but I can't help thinking that must be a great book
out there that would give me the big story.  Any suggestions would be
warmly appreciated.

Zack Long

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