[Milton-L] Golden Compass

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 15:58:29 EST 2007

I think the fact that an alternate view is available in Milton is a
good indication that a purely negative view of human sexuality was not
a uniform tradition in the church for 2000 years.  I think it would be
wise to remember that marriage is a sacrament within Catholicism -- a
means of God's grace, of the Christian's salvation.  Moderns tend to
misinterpret condemnations of promiscuity, restrictions of sex to
marriage, and an emphasis upon procreation with a negative attitude
toward sex itself.  Traditional morality is very restrictive by modern
standards but sex itself is not traditionally "bad," at least not
uniformly.  Jerome stands out as an example of someone who equated sex
with the fall in his almost Freudian reading of the Genesis story.

The most negative descriptions of sex tend to come out within the
context of discourse within celibate communities.

Jim R

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