[Milton-L] Milton and Camoes

Erick Ramalho ramalhoerick at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Dec 1 11:13:27 EST 2007

  Dear Eric Song
   Thanks for the suggestion. I´ll include this particular pages to other Quint's works I´ve been analysing lately.
   I believe I´ve already got enough material for the introduction to my verse-translation of the Poemata, for which I also thank everyone else who has sent me suggestions.
  Dear Fred Shapiro,
      If you like, I can send you off-list emails (since this would not concern Milton directly) with some of the most famous  literary quotations originally published in Portuguese. I´m not, sure, however, about how many of them are to be found in English, in which case I could translate some, if you like me to.

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