[Milton-L] areopagitica, again

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Thanks, John.
Yes, I'm aware of Ross's references to the divorce tracts and do see  
that as some evidence of Ross's familiarity with Milton even before  
Areopagitica.  I haven't read enough of Ross to be able to judge  
whether he was capable of that moral (or educational) honesty you so  
aptly describe.  It will require further investigation.

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On Apr 25, 2007, at 3:13 PM, John T. Shawcross wrote:

> Dear Jeff,
> I just don't know whatever other texts might advance similar ideas,  
> whether before or after 1644. I've just not looked at anything with  
> that thought in mind, although I wouldn't doubt that there are  
> some. Certainly what you quote from Ross suggests a reading of  
> "Areopagitica," and although they are quite different politically,  
> the problem transcends politics and speaks to a kind of moral  
> honesty (if not, educational honesty). I hope  you do pursue this;  
> probably it is extensive enough for both venues of presentation.  
> You do remember that Ross refers to Milton's divorce views in  
> Pansebeia [Greek]: Or, a View of All Religions of the World (1653),  
> pp. 400, 413. The second edition in 1655 has allusions on pp. 376,  
> 389, 395 (?), 425.
> John
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