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Just as a side note on this topic, at the American Antiquarian 
Library in Worcester, MA, which holds the Mather family theological 
library, there are 5 of Milton's pamphlets:

An Apology for Smectymnuus 1654 London edition
Eikonoklastes 1690 Amsterdam edition
Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio  London 1652
Reason of Church Government   London 1641
Tenure of Kings and Magistrates  London 1649

Increase Mather, the middle one (Richard emigrated to Massachusetts 
Bay in the initial wave of the Great Migration; Cotton, Increase's 
son, was the most prolific writer), was in London during the 1650s 
and appears to have been the one to collect these pamphlets. 
Areopagitica is not among them.

These pamphlets are bound with other things: for example, Reason of 
Church Government is bound with other pamphlets on church governance 
and, if I remember correctly, water baptism.  Presumably, Areo would 
have been bound with similar pamphlets--and alas when I was there 
that was not something I was thinking about, so I did not write down 
what pamphlets Increase might have collected on the licensing 

So, although quite a bit of Milton's prose crossed the Atlantic with 
Increase at the end of the 1650s, Areopagitica does not appear to 
have been among them. --Margie
Margaret Thickstun
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Hamilton College
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