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John T. Shawcross JTSHAW74 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 25 13:10:02 EDT 2007

Dear Jeff,

I've been away and I now see that a question on "Areopagitica" and  
responses have appeared. This, therefore, may be mere repetition.  
There are various references or adaptations during the seventeenth  
century, but I think you're interesting in more "contemporary"  
material and so I list only those that I know of up to 1652 (plus one  
from 1667).

Hezekiah Woodward, "Inquiries, Into the Causes of Our  
Miseries" (1644); Thomason has 8 January 1645, which would probably  
be the date of purchase. Much influence throughout.

Hartlib Papers at Sheffield University, MS 59/9, letter in German  
dated 15/25 April 1647. Allusion.

John Hall, "An Humble Motion to the Parliament of England" (1649).  
Allusion, pp. 28-29.

"A Perfect Diurnall of Some Passages in Parliament," No. 304 (21-28  
May 1649). In Gilbert Mabbott's deposition on licensing (in  
justification of himself).

"Ephemerides for 1650," Samuel Hartlib's "diary" at Sheffield  
University, catalogued: 28/1/61b.

Letter from Christopher Arnold to Georg Richter, 26 July / 5 August  
1651. Leo Miller suggests that the date should be 27 September / 7  
October 1751. Printed in "Georgii Richteri J. C. Ejusque  
Familiarium" (Normibergæ, 1662).

The Hague. Algemeen Rijksarchief. MS Aizema 86. No. 46, "Dagboek." On  
the Racovian Catechism and Milton's defense through citation of  
"Areopagitica." Dated 16 January 1652.

[Probably to be noted is: John Locke's book list, dated 1667?, Public  
Record Office MS 30/24, f. 43. There are later references in Locke  
and others.]

I hope these help.

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