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newly released bookSpeaking of recent releases, I wanted to inform list-members of a database that is invaluable for Milton scholarship.  If it has already been announced on this list, my apologies for the duplication.   (The database has been available since last summer, but I've only recently discovered it.  I've also learned that even if your library has purchased rights to access the main Iter Bibliography, the Milton Bibliography requires a separate subscription): 

"Iter and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies are 
pleased to announce the publication of the first online edition of John 
T. Shawcross's Milton: A Bibliography for the Years 1624-1700: Revised, 
and for the years 1701-1799. This bibliography is an extensive revision 
and continuation of Milton: A Bibliography for the Years 1624-1700, 
published by Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies (MRTS), Binghamton, 
New York, in 1984, and it is the only Milton bibliography that covers 
the eighteenth century. The bibliography tries to bring together all 
manuscripts and editions of Milton's works and all studies and critical 
statements concerning Milton's life and works, all allusions and 
quotations, and all significant imitations during the years 1624-1799. 
Users can browse by century or year, or do Boolean, keyword or phrase 
searches of over 13,000 entries. Cross references within the 
bibliography are hypertext links, allowing for ease of navigation. This 
bibliography, which will be further augmented in future years, is an 
invaluable resource for Milton scholars, and literary, history, and 
publication scholars of both the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Individual and institutional subscriptions are available.
For more information, or to subscribe, please contact iter at utoronto.ca"

Margaret Reeves
mreeves at yorku.ca

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  In a gesture of shameless self-promotion, I would like to announce that my book on moral education in Paradise Lost is now available from Palgrave Macmillan.  Here is some information from the back cover:

  This book reads Milton's Paradise Lost as a poem that seeks to educate its readers by narrating the education of its main characters. Many of Milton's characters enter the action in late adolescence, newly independent and eager to test themselves, to discover who they are and their place in the world. The poem charts their progress into moral adulthood. Taking as its premise that attention to the moral development of the poem's main characters will open the poem to most undergraduate readers, this book explores both the pedagogical activity within Paradise Lost and the pedagogical activity that the poem encourages.

  "By a series of careful reexaminations of the most important 'scenes of instruction' in Milton's text, Thickstun consistently illuminates the significance of details many critics have ignored or misunderstood. The prose is also engaging, often funny, and enviably clear. This is a bracing, entertaining, and generous book."--Louis Schwartz, University of Richmond

  "Thickstun provides an admirable and salutary reading of Milton's epic as a 'fabric of loving relationships' in which God as Father nurtures the moral growth of his angelic and human offspring, not by a set of rules but by giving Raphael, Abdiel, Uriel, Satan, Adam, Eve, and others moral responsibilities as teachers and learners."--Diane Kelsey McColley, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden College of Arts and Sciences

  It has the very boring but informational title: Milton's Paradise Lost: Moral Education.
Margaret Thickstun
  Elizabeth J. McCormack Professor of English
  Hamilton College
  198 College Hill Rd
  Clinton, NY 13323


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