[Milton-L] Postscript

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 20:07:50 EDT 2007

Yes, there was a misunderstanding on my part, Alan.  Thank you for the
clarification.  Again, we can take the recent shootings as a model.
The man was a stalker with suicidal tendencies and wrote some very,
very violent pieces.  It wasn't that big a stretch in this case to
guess he'd eventually hurt someone.  You never expect anything like
this, esp. because it's so rare, but you need to expect something.  It
wouldn't surprise me if the kid had a history of violence in high
school or before as well.

The cases I have in mind are so extreme that I think we're being a bit
dramatic to claim we're trading security for freedom.  First, we make
that trade on a daily basis, in some ways so commonplace to us now
that we don't even think of it.  Next, people generally act out in
smaller ways before they act out in bigger ones, so the most dangerous
cases aren't that hard to call.

Jim R

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