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Really well said, Richard.  

I do wish to stress, though, that the individuals who've insisted on drawing parallels between the so-called "me-ist" culture of undergrads and what happened at VTech IN NO WAY speak to the beliefs of every member of this group.  I would assume, in fact, that most of the people on this list would find those parallels to be quite as appalling as you do.  

If these are the attitudes of our educators toward their students, perhaps faculty should be the ones undergoing the screening tests?  

Personally, I think Milton has absolutely nothing to say to the parents whose children were murdered this week, or to the suffering of the several dozen twenty-year olds who witnessed their friends being shot in the head.  In light of these facts, I feel just a bit guilty even participating in this sort of conversation.


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As a final year undergraduate I'm unable to stop myself making a case for
the other side here.

. . . 

This is just my experience, but I've been reading a lot of comments here
which generalise about undergraduates as devil-may-care wastrels unaware of
the privilege they have had conferred on them by working with great minds.
It's too broad brush, it's too dismissive, and, quite frankly, it's beneath
the intellectual level of this group. If I made such brash assertions in an
essay I'd be shredded by any tutor worth their salt - and rightly so.

Finally, before I close my rant and resume revision, I've got to say that I
found the suggestion made yesterday, that the 'me-ist' culture of
undergraduates could account for the massacre at Virginia Tech appalling.
Cho Seung-hui was a troubled individual who did something beyond terrible;
to grab a tub and start thumping, less than twenty four hours after the
event, using senseless death to score political and social points is just
not on.

Thanks for reading, I hope I've not offended anyone.


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