[Milton-L] What have we become?

Neil Forsyth Neil.Forsyth at unil.ch
Wed Apr 18 15:32:17 EDT 2007

I'm sorry that Raymond Williams seems merely irrelevant. I was a keen 
follower of his lectures at Cambridge, enjoyed his ability to talk 
precisely to the subject without notes (and the subject would be 
amtters like women chaining selves to railings) and am grateful for 
the sense that the literature we read with him always had some role 
in the world outside that i always felt i lived in even if some my 
fellows didn't. His novels connect his teaching and criticism with 
the world of Welsh social struggle, particularly the railways, that 
he emerged from and wanted still to foster. It is certainly not 
cartoon nonsense, at least in the English context.

Respect? It surely has to be earned by every teacher in every 
generation. In my experience students are hungry for the kind of 
trusted guidance we can offer. But I'm typing this with a splendid 
football match in the background so may have missed something.



>  > Carol Barton wrote:
>>  In the last thirty years, I have seen the professoriate degraded from
>>  role-models held (deservedly) in the highest esteem to service
>>  personnel respected by almost no one--especially not by many of their
>>  students, or the parents of those individuals. Students have been
>>  transmogrified from scholars grateful for the opportunity even to be
>>  failed by such respected members of the community to consumers who
>>  believe that because they pay tuition, they are entitled to the grade
>>  of their choice (whether or not it reflects the quality of the work
>>  they have done).
>I suggest you read Chapters 1 & 2 of Raymond Williams, _The Country and
>the City_. This sort of good-old-days nonsense belongs in a cartoon of
>tobacco-spitting beareded oldsters sitting in front of a general store.
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