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All day yesterday, I was thinking about the same point raised by Alan.
  I recall being something of a 'loner' as a young man in university -- keeping to myself a lot and feeling alienated from fellow students as I underwent my 'existential encounter with nothingness' for a couple of years.
  So ... did I need counseling, or more philosophy?
  I'd be averse to seeing this sort of intellectual crisis treated as pathological when it's actually, often, a sign of significant intellectual growth.
  Suppose that I had been 'noticed' and referred for counseling. I'll bet that I would have been resentful at the implication that I was 'troubled' and would have grown even more sullen -- which likely would have resulted in a psychological evaluation that I required further 'treatment.'
  I foresee a Teufelskreis of eccentric, epicyclic complexity that, once a student were spun into it by administrative machinery, would be exceedingly difficult to escape without the student fully accepting the 'diagnosis', willingly submitting to the 'treatment', and gratefully acknowledging the 'cure'.
  "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."
  Or blacklisted as a threat, as Alan wonders? Similarly to Alan, I worry that, in attempting to prevent a future Viginia Tech, we could do more harm than good.
  Jeffery Hodges

alan horn <alanshorn at gmail.com> wrote:
  " . . . how many more 'copycats' can we afford to expose our young people to?"

What about "our" unstable, disturbed young people, and all who might
at some point in their lives be considered as such by teachers and
counselors of varying levels of competence and fair-mindedness,
99.9999999% of whom pose no threat to anyone? Are they to be
blacklisted from school and employment?

Alan H.

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