[Milton-L] Student referrals

Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Wed Apr 18 10:40:59 EDT 2007

(Ah, one of these days I am going to find a way to take a class under Jim. 
So much good sense and some much
tolerance for the rest of us along with great intellect are a joy to see. He 
reminds me of Quintilian's contention that intelligence has not only width, 
but also length; thus a truly intelligent man will not do evil things 
because he can foresee the consequences for himself and others. According to 
Quintilian, clever men may collect, analyze, and synthesize information, but 
if they act without due regard to consequences, they are not truly 

Three faculty members expressing concerns should indeed trigger a mandatory 
review. The student I spoke of earlier, before shooting his instructor in 
the face, had written papers in his English class so frightening that his 
professor was troubled. Could we make a practice of having our students in a 
wide variety of classes write little personal opinion pieces in the course 
of classwork? Their attitudes and feelings could be very illuminating.

On another tack, could people be required to have some sort of license to 
show when they go to buy a gun?
We all carry driver's licenses, and in Texas we have some sort of gun 
license, although I think it refers to carrying a concealed weapon. Why 
should we not have gun licenses? The NRA would scream, of course, but 
wouldn't it validate NRA members as responsible citizens? I go to trouble 
and expense to keep my right to drive a car, why not have similar 
responsibility about buying a gun?
Yes, there would be a blackmarket, as there is in most things. It does not 
follow that we should eliminate every law that someone will break.
Rose Williams

> I'm not saying we shouldn't do anything or make any changes, but we
> shouldn't expect too much from them, and we shouldn't be too
> aggressive about violations of privacy that foster a culture of
> paranoia.  If someone is perceived as a threat to themselves or others
> they can be Baker Acted.  I'd think more in terms of isolating
> individual threats than bigger changes that directly affect everyone.
> I think three faculty members reporting concerns about a student
> should be enough to require an interview with the campus mental health
> practitioner.  Things can go from there.

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