[Milton-L] Miltonic Sonnet: Blacksburg

Rich Durocher durocher at stolaf.edu
Wed Apr 18 09:27:13 EDT 2007

Kemmer Anderson wrote:
>                        "We Are Virginia Tech"
>                        for Nikki Giovanni
> From Blacksburg poetry rises from this hour
> of grief that shrouds the Blue Ridge Mountain plain
> with students, faculty, and parents whose pain
> drives language to break sound barriers and flower
> in the compost of despair.  The power
> of metaphor wraps round this tragic stain
> defined by blood and writ through time since Cain
> committed the first murder that tells our
> story.  The exponents of flesh explode
> in memory.  Names, faces dissolve through
> a holocaust of tears.  Recorded dust
> forms into prayer and breaks into an ode
> called out from the campus bard who knew
> how to bring us back to words we trust.
>                         Kemmer Anderson
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Dear Kemmer and colleagues,

    Thank you for your gift of poetry, intellect, and compassion in 
response to the Virginia tech tragedy.

    Rich DuRocher

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