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Wed Apr 18 08:09:30 EDT 2007

  Too many lives have been lost--at Columbine, at Blacksburg, 
and elsewhere--to justify not establishing some sort of 
security profile on potential students, whether the 
applicants consider that a violation of their civil rights or 

Would something have shown up about this student?  Criminal 
records of minors are sealed, are they not? [This is gleaned 
from watching too many Law and Order episodes.] Medical 
records too would be difficult. It's been so long since I 
applied to college that I don't remember what-all I had to 
send to Duke once I was accepted. There was a pretty curcory 
medical exam by my doctor, and I think I had to have proof of 
polio vaccinations - maybe smallpox?  Can you ask if people 
have had counseling? 

I don't know, and I suspect the young man at Tech did not get 
conseling before he went to Tech. OTOH, lots of kids have 
counseling for all kinds of things - depression, eating 
disorders, coping with tough family situations - how would 
you sort out the ones you wouldn't want on campus?

Another thing - some years ago I had a student who, in the 
course of being at JMU, developed as a fully - and scarily - 
symptomatic schizophrenic. The onset of that disease often 
happens in late teens early 20s. 

I wish there were a failsafe way to make all of our spaces 

Cynthia G
Cynthia A. Gilliatt
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