[Milton-L] What have we become?

Angelica Duran duran0 at exchange.purdue.edu
Tue Apr 17 13:52:55 EDT 2007

Dear scholars,

Hmmm. Do I share this with the list? Yes. Is it appropriate? I hope so, if
for nothing else but to share the practices and ideologies of at least some
members of specific cultural groups in academia.

My kids thought I was so odd when I told them  years ago when their schools
started lock-down trainings, in addition to tornado drills, that, because of
having grown up in California ganglands as a kid, I automatically scoped my
classrooms and conference rooms (yes, even in good ol' Murfreesboro) for
exits and for items in the room that could be used readily as defensive and
offensive weapons; and that I had visualized maximizing student safety given
various circumstances. I sometimes wondered if those who had been trained in
the military had similar, barely perceptible practices. I wish this horrible
incident hadn't made that odd reflex seem so reasonable.

I am happy for the safety that we regularly enjoy in U.S. (and other
countries, but I cannot speak for them, and I give deference to those on the
list who may be in Iraq and elsewhere) academic settings, and am so sad that
yet another such safety zone is so devastated.


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