[Milton-L] What have we become?

Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 16 22:35:21 EDT 2007

Again, my thanks, Jim. But tsunamis and cyclones and hurricanes are 
impersonal: this child planned his carnage carefully, right down to chaining 
the doors of the building in which he committed most of the slaughter 
shut--from the inside! It wasn't random, it wasn't an act of God, it wasn't 
the spontaneous work of someone who had gone momentarily insane--it was 
premeditated and carefully orchestrated slaughter. He killed his girlfriend 
and (presumably) her lover--though the young man in her all-girl dorm may 
have been just a male buddy consoling her over the breakup--or perhaps 
calming her fears about the threats the shooter had made to her--too. Then 
he went clear across campus, locked the doors to the building, killed a 
professor, and proceeded to annihilate whole classrooms full of students 
before he turned the gun on himself.

He had nothing to lose: he'd already committed two murders, so what the 

It is long past my bedtime. (I have a long commute, and leave my house well 
before sunrise, to experience on a daily basis the open and unmitigated 
hostility of a city that has been taught again and again that the rest of 
the world owes its natives whatever they demand.) But if there were ever a 
community of sympatico souls with whom one can share her horror at acts like 
the one that occurred today, and renew her faith in the basic decency of 
humanity, it is located on the Milton list. Thank you--all of you--for being 
who you are.

Carol Barton

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