[Milton-L] keep your pronoun to yourself, please

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You, Ms. Walker, need to keep your ignorance to yourself. If you or Carrol 
Cox had bothered to attend a Milton conference once in a while, you might 
have encountered some of these "chimera"--

in the persons of such scholars as John Shawcross . . . Joseph Wittreich . . 
. Al Labriola . . . Michael Lieb . . . Annabel Patterson . . .  Diane 
McColley . . . Stella Revard . . . Stanley Fish . . . Steve Fallon . . . 
Balachandra Rajan . . . the late Bill Hunter, John Steadman, Anne Davidson 
Ferry . . . and so many others too numerous to catalogue here.

Your ignorance is matched only by your arrogance.

Carol Barton

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> And those honorable members of "the professoriate," the people who are
> deservedly held in the highest esteem, those would be who?  people you've
> read about?
> As Prof Cox suggests, you need to read a bit more widely.
> Julia Walker
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> In the last thirty years, I have seen the professoriate degraded from
> role-models held (deservedly) in the highest esteem to service personnel
> respected by almost no one--especially not by many of their students, or
> the parents of those individuals. Students have been transmogrified from
> scholars grateful for the opportunity even to be failed by such respected
> members of the community to consumers who believe that because they pay
> tuition, they are entitled to the grade of their choice (whether or not it
> reflects the quality of the work they have done).
> For context, ie the same mind at work,  see below:
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> What kind of a God--or demon--can such people follow, that leads them to
> commit such acts?
> God bless and help the victims and their families--and help Scotland Yard
> and the civilized world apprehend and arrest (in all senses of the world)
> the depraved monsters who are responsible for the attacks.
> May the misery they've caused return to them "an hundredfold."
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> What kind of a God?
> Milton's God.  Samson's God.  The God to whom George Bush prayed before he
> initiated Operation Shock and Awe -- a much more devastating attack than
> today's on innocent bystanders, and (as we are fond of saying of any
> attack leveled against the US) a **sneak** attack that caught even CNN off
> guard.
> How can we call down vengeance without further damning ourselves?
> Julia
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