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And those honorable members of "the professoriate," the people who are
deservedly held in the highest esteem, those would be who?  people you've
read about?

As Prof Cox suggests, you need to read a bit more widely.

Julia Walker

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Subject: [Milton-L] What have we become?
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In the last thirty years, I have seen the professoriate degraded from
role-models held (deservedly) in the highest esteem to service personnel
respected by almost no one--especially not by many of their students, or
the parents of those individuals. Students have been transmogrified from
scholars grateful for the opportunity even to be failed by such respected
members of the community to consumers who believe that because they pay
tuition, they are entitled to the grade of their choice (whether or not it
reflects the quality of the work they have done).

For context, ie the same mind at work,  see below:

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What kind of a God--or demon--can such people follow, that leads them to
commit such acts?

God bless and help the victims and their families--and help Scotland Yard
and the civilized world apprehend and arrest (in all senses of the world)
the depraved monsters who are responsible for the attacks.

May the misery they've caused return to them "an hundredfold."


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Date: July 7, 2005 4:27:36 PM EDT
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What kind of a God?

Milton's God.  Samson's God.  The God to whom George Bush prayed before he
initiated Operation Shock and Awe -- a much more devastating attack than
today's on innocent bystanders, and (as we are fond of saying of any
attack leveled against the US) a **sneak** attack that caught even CNN off

How can we call down vengeance without further damning ourselves?


Julia M. Walker
Professor of English
State University of New York
Geneseo, New York 14454

"My only regret is that I have not been braver and bolder
and truer in the honest conviction of my soul."
				Elizabeth Cady Stanton

"What is it 'to live a good life'?  It is not less than everything.
It implies no choice, no limitations, no refusal;  for if we have
chosen or limited our sacrifice, it is no longer 'good.'"
				A. Maude Royden

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