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Dear Jeffery,

As I said before it's not named after "our" Milton, but as for Paradise, you may consider Brazil, once this type of orchid is so common here.

Best regards,

Miriam Mansur
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> Is it named after 'our' Milton? It does look like something that belongs in Paradise . . . but what's it doing in this postlapsarian world?
> Jeffery Hodges

Angelica Duran <duran0 at exchange.purdue.edu> wrote:
Dear scholars,

In doing a search on “Milton” and “South America,” I got onto the OED, which showed the following, which though neat will not make it any of my scholarly production.  I thought I would share it with you, though.  I hope you get the image of the Miltonia that I cut and pasted below the definition.  If not, google “miltonia orchid” and set the search to “image.”


Miltonia (n.)
    A tropical South American genus of epiphytic orchids bearing large brilliantly coloured flowers; (also miltonia) an orchid of this genus.

1837 J. LINDLEY in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 23 f. 1992 Miltonia spectabilis. Showy miltonia. 1838 J. LINDLEY Sertum Orchidaceum plate 21 It [sc. Miltonia candida] differs in the structure of its column and labellum..from the original Miltonia. 1890 W. WATSON Orchids xli. 315 Miltonias are easily propagated. 1930 T. W. BRISCOE Orchids for Amateurs viii. 120, I have found the addition of a small portion of partly decayed oak or beech leaves has had very beneficial results on all the Miltonias. 1963 Times 6 Feb. 12/3 One exhibit of orchids contains many beautiful cypripediums and miltonias. 1983 C. KING tr. W. Lötschert & G. Beese Trop. Plants 74 The genus Miltonia comprises 20 species with a natural distribution extending from Costa Rica to Ecuador. 2000 Northern Echo (Electronic ed.) 22 Apr., There is mimicry to attract the pollinator... The miltonia (a vivid deep mauve plant that is the common orchid starting point) looks like a butterfly's head.


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