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No answer to your question, but perhaps of passing interest is a contemporary account of Brown, "The Life, Trial and Execution  
of Capt. John Brown" (1859) available on the Avalon Project of the Yale Law School web site.  In it, the author compares Brown to Cromwell more than once, and describes him as a religious "enthusiast" and a "rigid Presbyterian."
George McLoone
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>Hello!  I am in the middle of Marylynne Robinson's Giliad, and her narrator several times refers to his violently visionary  grandpa who fought with John Brown in Kanas as a "Nazarite."  Now I am curious.  Does anyone know of other writers who have alluded to Samson, especially Milton's, to portray men like John Brown who were violent in principle against a system they considered a great evel?
>Your suggestions will be appreciated.
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