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Dear scholars,
I would like to know too; so if anyone knows, please email the answer to the

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Hello, one and all,
I wonder if I might impose upon your expertise for a moment to ask if any of
you are aware either of a website through which one might listen to samples
of Lawes' music for Comus performed, or if there is a recording/CD out there
commercially available of the songs from Milton's Masque?  So far, I've had
no luck in tracking either down.  I appreciate your assistance in this
matter.  I'm hoping to supplement my lessons on the masque with the music,
if not this semester, certainly in the future.  I've no doubt this inquiry
or one like it has circulated on the list before, but I regret I was not
privvy to the outcome.  My apologies.
Ross Leasure
Department of English
Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD 21801

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