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I know there are a few responses to this question in the archives.

I also know of a few links that might be of interest:

A site on the masque: http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/index.htm

   sheet music pictures: http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/multimedia.htm 
(can be enlarged and read)
   facsismile of entire Bridgewater manuscript: 
   transcription: http://www.mith.umd.edu/comus/final/trinity01sm.htm

A nice background piece on Lawes and "The Treasury of Musick" : 
   -Has a bibliography at the end of the article

A site from a seminar on Miton's music: 
   -Online ref's and a few musical examples online: ie 
http://www.udel.edu/UR/Miltonmus1.html (nicely done piece, I'm listening to 
it as I write)  etc.

Hope this helps,


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> I'm coming into this discussion rather late, so I am not sure if this has
> been mentioned already. I inherited from a retiring professor a record 
> (the
> "old-fashioned" kind)entitled: "Comus: A Masque with music by Henry Lawes
> and Samson Agonistes (excerpts).  It is read by Barbara Jefford, Ian Holm,
> William Squire, Tony Church, Margaret Rawlings and Gary Watson. The name
> "argo" is on the box, as is the phrase "special London import." I have not
> as yet listened to it on a record player, but I wonder if a copy of it is
> now available in other formats.
> Holly Faith Nelson, Ph.D.
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> On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:03:01 -0700 milton-l at lists.richmond.edu wrote:
>> Nancy, Cynthia, & other interested persons:
>> I'm not expert in this area of Milton studies, but do I have a
>> Heritage Press edition of Comus that includes the words and music for
>> five of "The Airs by Henry Laws." Many libraries will have copies of
>> this volume, I think. I don't have a publication date for this book
>> (which our library does not have), but it was printed by Brooke
>> Crutchley for the Cambridge University Press. According to the
>> introduction, the five songs in the volume are the only ones still 
>> extant.
>> If you cannot readily find another source for the music, I would be
>> happy to FAX you photocopies of the relevant pages.
>> Bests wishes,
>> John Ulreich
>> P.S. If you do get around to recording a production, I would love to
>> have a copy.
>> At 11:53 AM 9/13/2006, you wrote:
>> >To chime in:
>> >
>> >If the sheet music could be located, I'd like to know. I'm planning
>> >a production which could utilize this music, and it could well be
>> recorded.
>> >
>> >Nancy Charlton
>> >
>> >At 01:37 PM 9/13/2006 -0400, you wrote:
>> >
>> >> > Hello, one and all,
>> >> >
>> >> > I wonder if I might impose upon your expertise for a
>> >> > moment to ask if any of you are aware either of a
>> >> > website through which one might listen to samples of
>> >> > Lawes' music for Comus performed, or if there is a
>> >> > recording/CD out there commercially available of the
>> >> > songs from Milton's Masque?
>> >>
>> >>I too would be interested - I would like my students to hear
>> >>the music and even better a performance. They are bright and
>> >>willing but having a lot of trouble simply reading the
>> >>shorter poems out loud with understanding and clarity. I'm
>> >>halting things this afternoon for a workshop on reading out
>> >>loud, but will want to revisit this when we get to PL.  Any
>> >>hints and helps would be much appreciated.
>> >>C
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