[Milton-L] Visual metaphors of Paradise Lost

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Among older studies, visual metaphors are important in Jackson I. Cope, _The
Metaphoric Structure of Paradise Lost_ (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1962),
e.g. spaciousness as evil, light/dark as heaven/hell.

You also might want to check

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Quoting miriamgi at aol.com:

> Dear list colleagues,
> I am at the end of my master's thesis on the visual metaphors of Paradise
> Lost. My defense will be in July and there is a question that has been
> bothering me all the time, which is: isn't there any work referring to the
> visual metaphors of PL already published? With all my research, I have found
> many references to PL's metaphors, similes, etc, many of these works from
> some of you of the list, a wide variety of essays, but none only about the
> visual metaphors of the epic. I would appreciate if I could have your view on
> it, experts on Milton as you all are, to feel more secure, because I am sure
> that this question will be posted by the committee.
> Thanks and best regards to all,
> Miriam Mansur
> UFMG/Brazil  

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