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Sun May 28 22:03:13 EDT 2006

Those on this Milton list might find this information
from Souren Melikian's article, "A talented
architect/painter and a flight into the unreal," in
today's International Herald Tribune interesting:


Already that year (1805), he (Joseph Gandy) drew a
watercolor as weird as its title, "Pandemonium or Part
of the High Capital of Satan and His Peers." The
inspiration, Lukacher writes, came from a poem by
Milton. The repetition of perfectly Classical pillars
that stretch endlessly under blackish clouds give the
imaginary Ancient Greek city an obsessive, threatening
feel. Never seen in public before, the large
watercolor is one of the great surprises in the Feigen

For those who wish to see Pandemonium, go here:


Scroll down to find it.

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