[Milton-L] Milton/genetic modification (was It ain't exactly Milton...)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat May 27 14:12:37 EDT 2006

Jameela Lares wrote:
> Interesting question!  I suppose one could extrapolate from what he said about
> new discoveries in general.  I'm not sure that genetic modification is the same
> as "not nice art," and however we feel about the lush/wild garden of Paradise,
> Milton cautions us in _Areopagitica_ that we have to deal with postlapsarian
> realities.
> On a good day, I think I could summon up an answer, but I seem to have taken the
> weekend's promise of rest seriously.  I'd be interested in hearing what those
> less laid back have to say.

If Milton were alive today, he wouldn't be John Milton! The question of
what he would think now is, therefore, incoherent. Wherever and whenever
I find myself [yourself/him/herself] I am always already caught up in an
ensemble of social relations apart from which I have no existence. Put
another way, I don't have a history, I _am_ my history.


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