[Milton-L] Milton/genetic modification (was It ain't exactly Milton ...)

Jameela Lares Jameela.Lares at usm.edu
Sat May 27 13:58:19 EDT 2006

Interesting question!  I suppose one could extrapolate from what he said about
new discoveries in general.  I'm not sure that genetic modification is the same
as "not nice art," and however we feel about the lush/wild garden of Paradise,
Milton cautions us in _Areopagitica_ that we have to deal with postlapsarian

On a good day, I think I could summon up an answer, but I seem to have taken the
weekend's promise of rest seriously.  I'd be interested in hearing what those
less laid back have to say.


Quoting Nancy Charlton <pluscachange at comcast.net>:

> Frivolous, perhaps, for this list. But it still raises a question 
> interesting to speculate on: If JM were our contemporary, how would 
> he view genetic modification? Or even the genetic discoveries 
> anterior to the modification? Does this belong to the Tree of the 
> Knowledge of Good and Evil, or to the Tree of Life?

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