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The first is a loose quotation of Ovid's Ex Ponto I.3.35-6 "nescioqua 
natale solum dulcedine cunctos / ducit et inmemores non sinit esse 

The second is the second sentence of City of God 19.15 [the numbers 
got transposed by you or Hume)

Josh Scodel

>I'm working on notes for Paradise Lost, books 11-12, and have come 
>across a few
>items I can't trace.  I'll appreciate any help. 
>1.  For 11.270 ("native Soile").  Newton cites a Latin tag, Nescio qua natale
>solum dulcedine tangit/ Humanos animos, but without attribution.  I haven't
>been able to find it in any of my databases.  (If it is in Perseus, I am not
>searching properly--sorry!) Newton, of course, may be citing it incorrectly
>from memory.
>2.  For 11.71 ("human left from human free").  Hume cites Augustine’s
>City of God 15.19 as saying, Rationalem factum ad imaginem suam, noluit
>nisi irrationalibus dominari, non hominem homini, sed hominem pecori. 
>But there isn't such a statement at that place, nor can I find the lines in
>Patrologia Latina.
>With apologies, for cross-listing, thanks.
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